What Is Your Why?

January 20, 2019 Travel, Workshops
Taylor Hunt

In December SLAY made a road trip to Indianapolis to attend a workshop with Taylor Hunt. I really enjoy these events, mainly to get a different perspective on the same tradition. Each teacher brings different insights to the practice that is informed by their life experience. Although the Ashtanga tradition has remained the same there’s always a new way to look at it, a new way to break down a posture, a new way of thinking, and new questions to be answered.

During the workshop Taylor challenged us to find our motivation for the practice? To ask the question, “What is your why?”

It’s important to know the answer to this question before we step onto our mats each morning. There are no wrong answers. Everyone has different reasons for practicing Ashtanga day after day. It can be something as simple as physical fitness to something as serious as life or death. In Taylor’s case it’s the latter. This practice literally saved him from the downward spiral of drug and alcohol addiction, which he recounts in his book “A Way From Darkness.”

SLAY has been fortunate to host many certified and authorized Ashtanga teachers, each bringing their unique story to St. Louis. We are excited once again to bring Taylor in from Columbus Ohio February 8-10 for a weekend of led primary, Mysore style, and additional workshops and lectures. For more details click here.

If that isn’t exciting enough SLAY’s Ashley and Mickey Ribaudo recently attended an adjustments intensive with Taylor in Columbus and will be able to apply what they’ve learned during our regular practice times, 6:00 am Wednesday’s and 8:30am Saturday’s at Just Practice Yoga.

SLAY has a lot of great events planned for 2019. Come join us and find out what is your why.