Ashtanga Yoga – Why I Practice

March 27, 2019 Opinion, Tradition

Recently, I was faced with the question of why I practice ashtanga yoga. I’ve been asked that from time to time, and usually say something like ‘it helps me feel better” or “I feel more balanced.” Most people accept that and while it’s not wrong, it really doesn’t convey how I truly feel about the practice. But how do I put that into words so people understand? Truth is, I just hadn’t figured that out. Partly because the practice ofRead More

Ashtanga at 60

March 18, 2018 Opinion, Tradition

I turn 60 this year so the physical demands of Ashtanga have been on my mind a lot lately. It is, in my opinion, the most physically challenging Yoga practice there is. It’s not just the level of strength, balance and flexibility one needs to get through the practice, but the added stamina it takes to do it early in the morning before most sane people have climbed out of bed. And I’m just referring to primary series (there isRead More