About Us



Join us for class twice weekly.  Classes are taught in the Mysore tradition, which allows the teacher to assist each student individually and dedicate one-on-one time to new students.  Everyone moves to the rhythm of their own breath.




We are a community of dedicated St. Louis area ashtanga practitioners creating a welcoming space for traditional ashtanga yoga practice.  We are and continue to be inspired by those teachers who came before us and all lineage holders of ashtanga yoga.



Ashley Ribaudo

Ashley began her ashtanga yoga journey in 2013, initially as a way to improve flexibility.  However, she quickly realized the practice brought so much more; clarity of mind, physical and mental strength and a strong sense of self.  Ashley expands her knowledge of the practice by studying with several certified and authorized teachers.  She believes in the value of being a student and dedicates time yearly to do so.  She is excited to share her passion for the practice with all students.