1 John 1:7

June 24, 2019 Opinion, Philosophy

But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.

This verse is a dear one to me for a few reasons. It’s the one that made me first realize that in order to be free, to live in freedom, I mustn’t hide parts of me away. All of me, the good and the bad, must be visible.

That idea was such a different way of approaching life than I had in the past. My modus operandi was to cover, bury, and project the best possible front. That would include a lot of little lies and selective omitting of things here and there that made me look like I accomplished, experienced and was more put-together than I actually was. At the time, I saw nothing wrong with the practice.

But I found that in order to maintain the projection I couldn’t have intimacy. I couldn’t let anyone know me. I exchanged fellowship for a facade of perfection.

In this way, I formed my own prison.

How do you free yourself from a custom prison? It’s snug, fits like a glove and does provide some insulation from the outside.

A glove is made of fabric, and fabric is made of a mesh of strings. Love and acceptance puncture the structure causing some strings to fray.

It is only the starting point. Then starts the work of pulling at the stories that hold you in place. It is similar to breaking out of a cocoon.

Through love and acceptance. By embracing the truth of who you are, what you’ve done, where you’ve been. And accepting it all. And even asking for forgiveness of others where necessary. Through this practice you can free yourself from the hurts, from the mistakes, from the wounds you’ve inflicted to yourself and others.

For me, the message of Jesus’ love, was a first step toward self-love. I believe we are called to, and have the power to stand in the same way for others. With love and acceptance for where people are in their journey.

If I’m hiding, I can’t accept others. We can’t do both. Think of it this way, it takes two arms to give a hug, if I’m hiding something, one arm is tied up. You are not fully available to love and accept.

How do you stay open? How do you not form another cozy prison? That’s the work.

For me, the postures of yoga translate in my mind how I can be in the world. I can stand in truth, but be strong, open, flexible, and balanced all at once. 🙂 And when I can’t, I fall, but rise, and try again.

In love and acceptance we find peace, we can finally become comfortable with who we are.

Your journey to peace might look different, but all that matters is the end result.

Lookah somasta suki no bhavantu
May all beings be free

by LaWaune Netter